Using the analysis data

Last updated 11 October 2021

 Using the analysis data

Using the analysis data interactive reports and views.
You receive all relevant information to immediately identify the need for action. You will never be short of relevant data, as every modern system generates new data every second. It is therefore essential to transform existing data into meaningful information to make the right decisions quickly and achieve better performance.

 Visual tools for monitoring SQL Server query performance for Dyanamics NAV or Business Central ERP systems for V8 Search XE
There are several ways (techniques) to visually display the query performance of monitored slow queries or table locking information. V8 Search XE provides several standard reports with basic performance information. These reports are available without any additional installation or configuration. V8 uses ECharts, a powerful, interactive charting and visualization library for browser. This technology will be expanded in future versions in V8 Search XE. It is planned that you will be able to create a chart view from any table or query, whether from ad-hoc or stored data.

However, if you feel that this is not enough, create your own dashboard. Almost all tables in the database contain data that can be used for analysis. Your custom tables for specific queries always start with V8C* in the table name.

Recently, a number of functions (tools) have appeared that make monitoring query performance easier than before. For example Power BI Desktop.

Create a V8 SQL Server dashboard using Power BI Desktop
You have the option of analyzing the data collected about the status of the servers you are monitoring in V8 Search XE. With the content package, you can easily see which areas in SQL Server are not working optimally. The content package also helps database administrators communicate information about the state of the Dynamics NAV / BC solution management with their managers. The content package includes reports that allow you to explore the details.

You can also use the question box above the dashboard to examine the data. A good question to ask yourself is "What is the number of table locks in minutes by date? The result can be pinned or further examined with the Power BI tools.

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