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Last updated 11 October 2021

 Manage V8 objects with the V8 Object Explorer

With the object explorer you can manage objects such as SQL queries for performance optimization, tables and index structures or import functions of the Xevents data collection.

 Displaying objects in the Object Explorer
The Object Explorer uses a tree structure to group information in folders. To expand folders, click the plus sign (+) or double-click the folder. Expand folders to view more detailed information. Right-click folders or items to perform common tasks.


Executing actions in Object Explorer nodes
You perform actions on objects by clicking directly on the Object Explorer node that represents the object. Each type of object supports a unique set of right-click actions.


 Object Explorer Categories (main nodes)

Object Explorer consists of four main nodes with 1:n sub-nodes. These four main nodes are divided into the areas SQL Server, SQL Database, System and Dashboard.


1 2.0
2 2.0
3 2.0
4 2.0

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