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Last updated 11 October 2021

When should I upgrade?
  • We aim to release a build every eigth weeks that includes the latest incremental features and bug fixes. These builds are identified by a three-part version number, such as v3.0.
  • If you want to wait until all aspects of a feature have been fully completed, it’s best to use a quarterly minor version release, identified by a two-part version number such as v3.1.
  • Annual major releases (such as v3) combine multiple feature releases and undergo additional QA.

V8 Search XE Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPUP-2110007 Updates The analysis function "LD Table" (Tab Action) has been changed to more effectively determine whether an index is missing in SQL scripts with a Long Durations (LD).
DPFE-2110006 Features The V8 services now have the possibility to store the values of the performance counters in the V8 database.
DPFE-2110005 Features The SQL Server function "Top Worker Time Queries" has been extended by the column "Queryplan" to display the execution plans.
DPFE-2110004 Features It consists of dialog windows to address the "V8 Source Code Search" directly with a marked term via the key combination Shift+F3.
DPFE-2110003 Features Various functions have been updated and extended for the new Dynamics Business Central versions 17 + 18.
DPFI-2110002 Fixes The system dashboard displayed incorrect values for archived AL source code objects. This error has been fixed.
DPFI-2110001 Fixes When importing modified AL objects in Dynamics Business Central into the V8 SQL database, errors occurred. This error has been fixed
V8 Search XE Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPUP-2108001 Updates For this update, the SQL Server Extended events "long_duration" and "blocking_process" must be updated.
DPUP-2108002 Updates The SQL table mapping has been completely revised. Two new options have been added to the SQL table mapping function in the settings.
DPUP-2108003 Updates The "Dynamics Table Properties" tool window has been provided with a completely new functionality.
DPFE-2108004 Features Two new buttons have been added to the Performance Analyzer document window in the menu bar. The first button starts and stops the extended events for the users. The second button starts and stops the Extended Events for the Full SQL Tracing.
DPFE-2108005 Features A new function allows that a change in the configuration of a V8 service is applied to all installed V8 services in the network.
DPFE-2108006 Features The "Dynamics Table Properties" tool window has been provided with a completely new functionality.
DPFI-2108007 Fixes An error occurred in the "Bad Performance" document window when pressing the Dashboard link. The Dashboard document window did not open. This error has been fixed.
DPFI-2108008 Fixes The document window "Performance Analyzer" was completely revised. There were repeatedly inaccuracies in the display for the performance events that were to be monitored.
The display was changed from an event-driven counting method (Trigger / Service Broker) to a time-driven display.
V8 Search XE Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPUP-2105001 Updates In the Dashboard TreeView, the "Dynamics NAV" folder with the menu item "Objects" has been removed.
DPUP-2105002 Updates In the Dashboard TreeView in the General folder, the menu item "XE Profiler Result" has been removed.
DPFE-2105003 Features V8 Performance Toolkit in V8 Search XE

In the future, the "XE Profiler" module will be renamed to "V8 Performance Toolkit" (V8PT). The V8 Performance Toolkit (V8PT) is part of V8 Search XE and consists of performance monitoring tools that create detailed performance profiles of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV ERP applications. This documentation explains both the V8 Performance Recorder (V8PR) and the V8 Performance Analyzer (V8PA).

Components of the V8 Performance Toolkit
The V8 Performance Toolkit consists of two independent tools: V8 Performance Recorder (V8PR) and V8 Performance Analyzer (V8PA). Basic procedures and a detailed walkthrough can be found in the V8 Search XE Help.

V8 Performance Recorder
V8PR (V8 Services) is a powerful recording tool that creates records for Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). You can run V8PR from the V8 Search XE user interface or from the command line. V8PR provides built-in profiles that allow you to select the specific events for Dynamics NAV Server instances to be recorded. Alternatively, you can create custom profiles in XML. V8PR can also be accessed and controlled using the V8PRControl API (Application Programming Interface). You can easily generate a recording using the V8PR User Interface (UI). Use built-in recording profiles to analyze table locks (BL), deadlocks (DL), long durations (LD), poor system or application performance, or other SQL Server performance issues associated with Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV. V8PR stores events in the V8 database.

V8 Performance Analyzer
V8PA is a powerful analysis tool that combines a very flexible user interface with comprehensive features and data tables that can be pivoted and have full text search capabilities.

The new functionality of analyzing event trace data can be executed from the dialog windows "Blockings" , "Deadlocks" and "Long Durations".
DPFE-2105003 Features If you move the mouse over a datagrid in a dialog window, the text in the editor changes with the content of the activated cell. There is now the possibility to control this behavior via the button "Cell".
DPFI-2105004 Fixes It was not possible to drag and drop different actions buttons from the review to the dashboard. This bug has been fixed.
V8 Search XE Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFI-2103001 Fixes After importing a Full SQL Trace Xevents log, an error occurred when starting the "Full SQL Trace XEvents Transaction" dialog and entering the transaction number. The error was caused by an arithmetic overflow and has been fixed.
DPFI-2103010 Fixes When scrolling in a "Data Grid", an undesired effect occurred when you reached the end of the rows. This bug has been fixed.
DPFI-2103013 Fixes Updating of changed Dynamics AL objects was not transferred to the V8 database. This bug has been fixed.
DPFE-2103002 Features A new function has been implemented to analyze the T-SQL scripts from the "long durations". The function consists of two parts it formats all SQL scripts so that they can be executed and measured directly in SSMS Studio. The second part of the function extracts all table names from all T-SQL scripts of the "long durations". This allows the table names to be analyzed by frequency.
DPFE-2103003 Features From now on, the T-SQL scripts can be passed directly to SQL Server Management Studio from the dialog windows using the shortcut Ctrl + F7.
DPFE-2103004 Features A function has been added under the menu item Dashboard -> General. The Transaction ID Full SQL Trace function compares the imported "Full SQL Trace" data with the Blocking, Deadlocks and Long Durations data. If there are any matches of the Transaction ID during this period, they will be displayed in a list. The list will show you whether it is a blocking transaction or a blocked transaction. With the Full SQL Trace Events Transaction function, you can view the complete transaction in the open dialog box. In the dialog window there is a new button under XE Profiler with the name Analysis after pressing the button the detected SQL scripts are marked, which was detected for this transaction as blocking, deadlock or long duration.
DPFE-2103005 Features Under the menu item "SQL Database" -> "SQL Server Database Index" the function "Index breakdown" has been changed. The function no longer analyzes the entire database but only a specially specified table.
For the parameter "ReportStyle" please enter the value 0 or 1.

In the SQL database section there are now some queries that you can filter on special table names. When you start the query and a dialog box with the "SpecifiedTable" parameters appears, you can enter the table name or leave the parameter value empty. If you confirm with okay and have inserted a table name, the SQL query will be executed specifically on this table. If you leave the parameter value blank, the SQL query will be executed for the entire database.

The filtering applies to the following SQL queries:

  • SQL Server Database -> Automatic Statistics Updating
  • SQL Server Database -> Buffer Usage
  • SQL Server Database -> Last time table was accessed
  • SQL Server Database -> Objekt modify

  • SQL Server Database Index -> Simple Redundant Index Query
  • SQL Server Database Index -> Volatile Indexes
  • SQL Server Database Index -> Which Index Is Never Used
  • SQL Server Database Index -> Overall Index Usage Reads
  • SQL Server Database Index -> Index Fragmentation
  • SQL Server Database Index -> Get Fill Factor for all Indexes on Database
  • SQL Server Database Index -> Find Statistics Information
  • SQL Server Database Index -> Fixing SQL Server Fragmentation
  • SQL Server Database Index -> Indexes Script Out
DPFE-2103006 Features From this version of V8 Search XE it is possible to show and hide columns in all dialog windows. Furthermore, there is the possibility to fix columns now.
DPFE-2103007 Features From now on, after a new installation of V8 Search XE, when you start the V8 Client for the first time, you will be asked if you want to restore your V8 Client configuration files from a backup. To backup configuration files in the future, open the Settings and navigate to the area under the menu item "Backup Configuration". Here you have the option to specify a directory. Press the blue button on the left, select a directory and the data will be automatically backed up to the folder.
DPFE-2103008 Features Another change was made in the area of the V8 services. In the future, the services will no longer be started or stopped one after the other, but in parallel. During this process, no progress indicator will be displayed in the task area. When a V8 service has finished starting or stopping, you will receive a notification message at the bottom right edge.
Color blue = "check",
Color green = "start",
Color red = "stop".
If the V8 service cannot be started, you will receive a message.
DPFE-2103009 Features Three new tables are added to the database. If you have not run the last update (, we recommend that you create a new database.
DPFE-2103012 Features A new property has been added to control the behavior of the "Tool Windows".
DPUP-2103011 Update The V8 Search XE Profiler completely redesigned.
The XE Profiler now offers the possibility to view events in parallel.
In the old version of the XE profiler you could only see the data for either Deadlocks, Blockings or "Long Durations" via the selected template of the respective event.
In the new version, only the number of events is displayed. The "SPID Dynamics WinUser" function is also included in the new profiler. You can still see which Windows user had which SQL Server SPID at a given time.
V8 Search XE Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFI-2102001 Fixes When saving the data from a dialog window into a V8C* table, no data was transferred into the database. This error has been fixed.
DPFE-2102002 Features A checkbox for activating a new function has been introduced in the option. This option formats TSQL scripts of type "sp_prepexec" and "sp_prepexec" into a performance measurement form that can be listed directly in SSMS. This information helps to analyze queries with bad values.
DPFE-2102003 Features Two new views have been added in the "long Durations" section. The views help you to analyze which "wait type" the SQL script has caused.
DPFE-2101004 Features The new Performance counters provide information about how well V8 Service is performing. Using monitoring tools such as Windows Performance Monitor, you can use the V8 performance counters to collect data about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instances and then use the data to identify conditions that affect performance and make adjustments.
V8 Search XE Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFI-2101001 Fixes In the dialog windows only max. 1000 records were displayed. This error has been fixed.
DPFE-2101002 Features The filter dialog has been redesigned and extended with new functions for date determination.
DPFE-2101003 Features Various Microsoft type libraries have been renewed. The database access was accelerated.
DPFE-2101004 Features In the dashboard treeview the functions can now be executed by mouse double click.
DPFE-2101005 Features In each dialog window the autofilter can now be activated separately.
DPFE-2101006 Features The entire job scheduler was completely overworked.
DPFE-2101007 Features All hidden tool windows can now be displayed via the ribbon menu.
V8 Search XE Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFI-2012001 Fixes In the filter dialog for opening imported deadlocks a wrong sum was displayed.
DPFI-2012002 Fixes In dialog windows the status hides the "resizing" in the lower right corner.
DPFI-2012003 Fixes When changing the SQL Server connection in the backstage windows of dialog windows, not only the current SQL connection of the dialog was changed, but also the SQL connection of the main window.
DPFI-2012012 Fixes Changes in the configuration of V8 services from the V8 client were not saved.
DPFE-2012004 Features The colors of the different categories of the dashboard were updated.
DPFE-2012005 Features For importing long durations, blockings and dealocks data from the XEvents, special times, weekends or working days can be selected in the options.
DPFE-2012006 Features In the filter dialog for the evaluation of LD, BL and DL also weekdays can be filtered.
DPFE-2012007 Features For the SQL database index script "Missing Index" a new column has been added which automatically generates the TSQL script to create the "Missing Index".
DPFE-2012008 Features Added a new Botton in the ribbon menu to display the Tool windows. Tool windows can still be opened via the context menu.
DPFE-2012009 Features Various icons were exchanged in the client program.
DPFR-2012010 Removed In the ribbon menu, the Botton for displaying the dashboard graphic has been removed. the graphic is only controlled via the options.
DPFR-2012011 Removed In the Ribbom menu in the category Search the function to create a result tree as html was removed.
V8 Search XE Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFE-2011001 Features The search module was extended. From this version on, dynamics 365 BC /NAV extension can be searched as source code.
The import module for importing dynamics 365 BC /NAV extension was completely revised.
V8 Search XE Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFI-2010006 Fixes Bugfix – When opening the dialog boxes with an SQL query plan, the graphic view was frozen.
V8 Search XE Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFI-2010002 Fixes Bugfix – in various fonts were displayed incorrectly.
DPFE-2010001 Features From this version on data can be displayed in power bi desktop. In the installation directory there is a template which can be started from GUI.
V8 Search XE 3.0.1 Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFI-2010001 Fixes Bug in Sql Formatter.
V8 Search XE 2.4.9 Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFE-2006003 Features The analysis function in the search module was optimized. The search parameters provide a better search result.
DPFE-2006004 Features The search result in the tree view can be imported or exported as xml file.
V8 Search XE 2.4.8 Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFI-2006001 Fixes V8 Search XE crashes when opening the SQL query plan.
DPFI-2006002 Fixes TSQL Editor problems with shortcut

  • CTRL+F8 (Index Table)
  • CTRL+F9 (Index Views)
  • CTRL+F10 (Statistics Table | Views)
V8 Search XE 2.4.5 Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFE-2003001 Features The new V8 XELoader. This V8 Search XE utility allows the contents of V8_FullSQL_NAV_Trace*.xel extended event files to be quickly loaded into a SQL Server database.
DPFE-2003002 Features The Query Plan Visualizer provides a graphical representation of the execution plan of an SQL statement for various queries in V8 Search XE. The plan used by the query optimizer is displayed in the results area on the Query Plan Visualizer tab.
DPFI-2003001 Fixes DPFI-2003001 In the Timeline dialog, the "cancel" command did not stop the task display.
V8 Search XE 2.4.0 Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFE-2002001 Features The product help was updated and partly revised.
DPFE-2002002 Features Backing Up and Restoring Configuration Files.
DPFE-2002003 Features Animated Notifications/Alerts/Pop-ups.
DPFE-2002004 Features The search module is now controlled via the "Search" menu in the main window.
DPFI-2002001 Fixes When opening the date filter for a record, an incorrect date was generated for filtering. This resulted in errors in the display.
DPFI-2002002 Fixes The MetaData document window could not be closed with the tab button "Close".
DPFI-2002003 Fixes Canceling a task in the Tool window "Progress" generated an error message. The task could not be canceled.
V8 Search XE 2.3.0 Release Notes
Task Type Description
DPFE-2001001 Features A new module for charts was implemented (deadlocks etc.).
DPFE-2001002 Features On the Dashborad site, 3 new "chart" modules have been implemented for the "blocking" section.
DPFE-2001003 Features For various functions 8 new tables must be created on the "V8 Search Database".
DPFE-2001004 Features The search function was extended by the "exteneted search" to achieve even better "search results" in the Dynamics NAV/BC AL Code.
DPFE-2001005 Features There is now also the possibility to import Dynamics metadata objects for the source code search.
DPFI-2001001 Fixes After installation there were problems with the XE.Core.dll when importing the collected data.
DPFI-2001002 Fixes The Scheduler button could not be used after creating the table.
DPFI-2001003 Fixes The "SQLhandle" search on the TSQL page.
DPFI-2001004 Fixes A problem with the XE Profiler "Live Watching" and the default SQL Server (Service Broker) has been fixed.
DPFI-2001005 Fixes On the dashboard page the user settings for hiding the individual panels were not saved.

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