Last updated 11 October 2021

These are the minimum permissions required to run V8 Search XE and monitor your servers with V8 Services.

If you want to access SQL Monitor through a firewall, check the firewall requirements.

  V8 service account
  • The account should have Log on as service rights.  For information on how to assign these permissions, see Add the Log on as a service right to an account.
  • The account should have Full Control over the folder where your V8 service compiled executable file is located.
  • The login should be a member of the db_owner database role on the Data Repository database (called V8SearchXE by default).
  • The account should have the rights to start a  Dynamics NAV PowerShell session.
  • The account should have the  Windows event log write permissions.
  Monitoring host Windows machines
  • The simplest way to do this is to make the account an administrator on the remote Windows host machine.
  • The account should have login rights locally on the machine where the base monitor is installed, so that V8 Search XE can authenticate the account.
 Monitoring SQL Server instances

The account used to monitor your SQL Server instance should have the following permissions:

  • member of the sysadmin role (role required for Integrity check overdue alerts (to run DBCC DBINFO) and to allow SQL Monitor to turn on the deadlock trace flag).
If you are unable to grant sysadmin permissions to the account, grant the following permissions:
  • member of the db_datareader role on the msdb system database.
  • member of SQLAgentReader role on the msdb system database.
  • member of the db_ddladmin database role on all databases (needed to run sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats()  required by the Fragmented index alert).
  • VIEW ANY DEFINITION server permission.
  • ALTER TRACE server permission (if you want to enable trace data).
  • VIEW SERVER STATE and VIEW DATABASE STATE database permissions on all databases.
  • member of the db_owner  role on the tempdb database.
  • EXECUTE on xp_readerrorlog.
 Monitoring Azure SQL Servers (is not supported in this version)
  • The account used to monitor your Azure SQL Server must be the server admin account used to create the Azure SQL Server.

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