Last updated 11 October 2021

 General information

V8 Search XE is licensed per Windows server (either physical or virtual).

If running a Windows cluster, every node participating in the cluster requires a license. This includes passive nodes: these are automatically detected, and it is not possible to monitor only part of a cluster.

V8 Search XE licensing does not check the number of SQL Server Instances installed on an individual server.

 Licensing for V8 Services

V8 Services is licensed per Windows server and per Dynamics NAV/BC Server Instance (either physical or virtual).

 Licensing for Azure SQL Databases

Not in this Version.

 Finding your serial number

When you purchase V8 Search XE, you will receive an email with your named license file.

 Using the trial version of V8 Search XE

If you're using a trial version of V8 Search XE, the number of days before your trial expires is displayed in the top of the page:


 What happens when my trial period expires?

When your trial expires, V8 Search XE stops collecting data and all unlicensed machines will have their status changed to Unlicensed.

Under special circumstances, can extend your trial period. The trial license can only be extended once. If your extended trial has expired, contact


Example 1: You have 3 standalone Windows Servers (1 for V8 Search XE | 2 for Dynamics NAV/BC), each with 15 Dynamics NAV/BC Server instances and 1 SQL Server instances (your Produktion Server) installed. You require 1 V8 Search XE licenses and 15 V8 Services licenses.

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