Finding information in AL Code

Last updated 11 October 2021

 Finding information in AL Code

 Search for references in the Dynamics C/AL code
SQL Server is able to handle requests from a large number of concurrent users. If SQL Server handles requests from many clients, there is a high probability that conflicts will occur because different processes are requesting access to the same resources simultaneously. A conflict in which one process is waiting for another to release a resource is called a block. Although in SQL Server, a blocked process typically resolves itself when the first process releases the resource, a process might hold a transaction lock and not release it.

To unblock a blocked process from Dynamics NAV / Business Central, we first need to determine which process is the blocking process. And then, if possible, analyze and optimize the blocking process from Dynamics NAV/BC.
In V8 Search XE, there are many different ways to identify a blocking and unblocking process, listed below:

1 2.0
2 2.0
3 2.0
4 2.0
5 3.8
V8 Search XE is intended to allow all administrators and developers who support a Dynamics NAV/BC ERP solution to make a statement about the weaknesses of SQL commands generated by Dynamics NAV/BC and to document them.

Using the "V8 Source Code Search" module, you can search your entire Dynamics NAV/BC code base to find the locations where specific code elements are referenced.

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