DockPanel TSQL Analyze

Last updated 11 October 2021

 Introduction to TSQL Analyze for V8 Search XE

The V8 TSQL Analyze is a single page. The main task of the V8 TSQL Analyze is to examine problematic TSQL scripts and find out if they have their origin in the Dynamics AL source code. The V8 TSQL Analyze is the bridge between TSQL and the Dynamics development environment.

The text editor implements the basic functionality level and can be used as a basic editor for text files. However, texts can only be inserted by copy & paste. Opening files is not provided in this version.

 TSQL Analyze basics

1 2.0
2 2.4
3 2.0
4 2.0
5 2.0
6 2.0

IDE window frame (TSQL Analyzer) Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts Version
ESC 2.0
F1 2.0
CTRL+F3 2.0
Shift+F4 3.0
Ctrl+Shift+R 3.2
Ctrl+Shift+K 3.0
Ctrl+Shift+S 3.0
Ctrl+Shift+P 3.0
Ctrl+Shift+M 3.0
Ctrl+Shift+A 3.0
Ctrl+Shift+F9 3.0
Ctrl+Shift+F10 3.0
Ctrl+Shift+F10 3.0
Ctrl+X 1.0
Ctrl+C 1.0
Ctrl+V 1.0
Ctrl+A 1.0
Ctrl+Z 1.0
Ctrl+Y 1.0
Ctrl+F 1.0
Ctrl+G 1.0
Green Button 3.2

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