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Last updated 11 October 2021

 Customizing window layouts in V8 Search XE

Arranging and Docking Windows

Both document windows and Tool Windows can be docked, so that it has a position and size within the IDE window frame, or floating as a separate window independent of the IDE. Tool Windows can be docked anywhere inside the IDE frame; some Tool Windows can be docked as tabbed windows in the editor frame. Document windows can be docked within the editor frame, and they can be pinned to their current position in the tab order. You can dock multiple windows to float together in a “raft” over or outside of the IDE. Tool Windows can also be hidden or minimized.

Arrange windows
You can arrange windows in the following ways:
  • Pin document windows to the left of the tab well.
  • Tab-dock windows to the editing frame.
  • Dock Tool Windows to the edge of a frame in the IDE.
  • Float document or Tool Windows over or outside the IDE.
  • Hide Tool Windows along the edge of the IDE.
  • Display windows on different monitors
  • Reset window placement to the default layout or to a saved custom layout.

Tool and document windows can be arranged by dragging, by using commands on the Window menu, and by right-clicking the title bar of the window to be arranged.

Docking Windows

When you click and drag the title bar of a Tool Window, or the tab of document window, a guide diamond appears. During the drag operation, when the mouse cursor is over one of the arrows in the diamond, a shaded area will appear that shows you where the window will be docked if you release the mouse button now.

To move a dockable window without snapping it into place, choose the Ctrl key while you drag the window.

To return a Tool Window or document window to its most recent docked location, press CTRL while you double-click the title bar or tab of the window.

The following illustration shows the guide diamond for document windows, which can only be docked within the editing frame:


The following illustration shows Solution Explorer being docked in a new location, which is shown by the blue shaded area:


Closing and auto-hiding Tool Windows

You can close a document window (only the Analyze document window!) by clicking the X in the upper right of the title bar; to reopen the window, use its keyboard shortcut or menu command. Tool Windows support a feature named Auto Hide, which causes a window to slide out of the way when you use a different window. When a window is auto-hidden, its name appears on a tab at the edge of the IDE. To use the window again, point to the tab so that the window slides back into view.


V8 Search XE (V8SEAXE) Tool and Document Windows
Dialog Box | Availible SQL Server



Setup or change database connection parameters at dialog box. Connecting to the Database Engine. Navigate to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database that you want to connect.

Click Option to open Connection Properties at dialog box.

IDE window frame (Mainform)


Pos. Version
1 2.0
2 1.0
3 1.0
4 1.0
IDE window frame (Mainform) Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts Version
ESC 2.0
F1 2.0
F8 2.0
CTRL + F7 2.0
CTRL + F9 2.0
CTRL + F10 1.0
CTRL + F11 1.0
Alt + H 1.0
Alt + A 1.0
Alt + O 1.0
Alt + C 1.0
Alt + U 1.0
Alt + M 1.0
Alt + N 1.0
Alt + F9 1.0
Alt + F10 1.0
Alt + F7 1.0

V8 Search XE (V8SEAXE) Context menu
Context menu

In V8 Client the context menu is not opened after pressing the right mouse button. This function is available on all pages / windows.


Progress Tool Window
Currently running background processes

In this tool window all currently running background processes are displayed with a unique number. The tool fentser is fixed in the Main window. If you click the right mouse button, a context menu will appear. Here you have the possibility to end the running task. In V8 Client the context menu is not opened after pressing the right mouse button. This function is available on all pages / windows.


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