Creating Extended Events

Last updated 11 October 2021

 V8 Search XE's support for SQL Server extended events

In order to provide richer and more accurate information, V8 Search XE now support extended events

Currently V8 Search XE supports 5 different Extended Events. However, additional events will be supported in the future.

  1. Blocking process (BL)

  2. Deadlock (DL)

  3. Long-running query (LD)

  4. Full SQL Tracing Dynamics NAV/BC (entire transactions)

  5. Full SQL Tracing Dynamics NAV/BC (Windows Username vs. SQL SPID)

 Requirements for Extended Events

Extended events are only supported on monitored instances with version SQL 2008 and greater.

Please note that there is a known issue using Extended Events on SQL Server 2012. Please see for further information.

Please ensure that the credentials used to monitor each instance have sufficient permissions to create extended events:

  • For SQL Server 2012 and greater, the user must be granted ALTER ANY EVENT SESSION permissions

 Create Extended Events  for V8 Search XE

Go to  File > Settings :

  1. Node under Settings, select Files:

  2. Change the "Use SQL server Extended event status" to "Enabled"

  3. You can select where to save the output files of the extended event (xel files) using the blue button. It is also possible to enter an unc path.
    Note: When choosing the directory, make sure that the productive SQL Server (with the Dynamics NAV/BC database) can write to this directory. This path is used to import the analysis data into the V8 database.

  4. Click "OK"

  5. Go back to the GUI Main Window.

  6. Click the File tab ""Data".


  7. The V8 Search XE backstage view is used to manage files and file-specific data.


    1. Press the "SQL Server" button:
    2. Press the "Extended Events" button:
    3. Change the "Extended Event " (for example Full SQL Trace NAV ...) to "Enabled" and click "OK"
    4. Go back to the GUI Main Window.

  8. If everything worked, the extended event session should be visible in the SSMS.


Please see for further information.

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